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Marseille is one of the most beautiful cities in France with a wide range of hotels and restaurants. This is the best area to stay in Marseille when you visit as it is very close to the city centre and very easy to reach.

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The walk along the coast between Cassis and Marseille is spectacular and can be done in one day at a fast pace. Have a picnic, walk up the hills and visit the famous climbing crag where you can look out for the fearless climbers who have wriggled on the rocks. The views of Marseille and the Mediterranean Sea are breathtaking and it is one of the most beautiful places in the city.

Take the Navette Marseille bus or take the airport bus, 15 minutes free of charge, from the airport to your hotel and then take the bus to our hotel.

The hotel is located within walking distance of the central station, which welcomes you and has a direct Metro line to central Paris, which connects you to your hotel. The hotel is located opposite the welcoming main train station, which also has a direct metro connection from central France to Marseille, which is connected to our hotel by the same train line as the hotel itself.

Cartreize Bus or SNCF train to Marseille, which can be easily reached for 8 euros (1 dollar each way) and Marseille is within an hour and a half by train from the main train station or by bus.

Marseille has a number of cultural attractions, including a large museum, an art museum, an opera house and a concert hall. With a brand new grand esplanade in 2016, the massive architecture of the new Byzantine style makes a wonderful place to be visited from the outside. The Cathedral of La Major is a magnificent church, neo-Romanesque-Byzantine, with fine decorative inserts of white marble and red-green stone. It is the only cathedral built in France in the 19th century and one of the few in Europe with such a modern design.

The rest of the morning is spent in the steeple, from where you have a breathtaking view of Marseille. The hotel offers a beautiful view of Marseille from its balconies, and the three suites on the top floor have terraces overlooking the Old Port Church. You can climb onto the roof and enjoy a breathtaking view from the sea from 10 am to 6 pm or from 7 pm.

The promenade is lined with Michelin-starred restaurants and some of Marseille's most interesting and attractive attractions are just minutes away from the hotel. This dazzling metropolis is especially well known among revellers for its beautiful beaches, beautiful hotels and spectacular views. These treasures make Marseille a place of unique beauty that must be experienced for yourself.

Hampton Hilton Toulouse Airport offers direct flights from Paris to Marseille for passengers travelling to and from TOULouse. The hotel is just a short walk from the central station, which is welcoming and has a direct metro line to central Paris, connecting the hotel to the city centre and some of the most popular tourist attractions in the region. Hampton Hotel in Marseille, France, the Hampton Hotel at Toulsouse airport offers a convenient and convenient connection to Paris for all passengers traveling to Toullouse, and offers access to a wide range of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and hotels in and around the airport. Hamptons Hilton at Toussant - Marie - France Hilton Hotel offers an easy and convenient connection from the French capital to all passengers travelling to and from TOULLOUSE.Hampton Hilton in Tounes - de - L'Auil, Marseille, a small town in the South of France, is equipped with a fast and easy connection between Paris and the port city, with direct connections both to the capital and to other major cities.

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