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When you visit Marseille, France, there is a unique shopping experience that really appeals to your senses. Buying the best souvenirs in Marseille, France's second largest city, is fun, as there are a number of discount stores, including the UK's Primark. One of the best places to buy Santon souvenirs is in the city centre, near the square Saint-Etienne-du-Val-D'Orsay. It has year after year a beautiful bakery and has some very interesting and unique items for sale, such as chocolates, chocolates, biscuits and other sweets.

Wherever you are in Marseille, you will have a good chance of finding Olympique Marseille memorabilia. Here you will find many places where you can buy gifts for your football - crazy friends and family in the heart of the city. Whether Saint-Etienne-du-Val-d'Orsay, Saint-Etienne-d'Orsay or St-Etienne, there is no shortage of colourful fabrics from Provence (pictured), which can be found in inexpensive locations, some of which are available for a fraction of the original price.

At Quai Rive Neuve 25-26, the La Licorne soap factory is like a well-stocked shop. There are over 60 shops on three floors, many of which are not found elsewhere in Marseille.

In Cours d'Estienne, there is a fascinating boutique called Les Arcenaulx, known for its illustrated books on Marseille and Provence, including titles in the English section "Best Antiques." There's another fascinating shop called "Lesley Faulx" "inCours - d - Estienne. There is also a wide range of fine wines, cheeses, chocolates, perfumes and other goods. The best place to buy cheese in Marseille is the Chateau des Champs - Elysees in the southwest of the city, just a few blocks from the airport.

If you are interested in the history of Marseille and Provence, visit Les Arcenaulx, as well as its illustrated books about the city and its history.

The surrounding residential areas are off the beaten track to see a more authentic side of Marseille. If you decide to complete your gear, the largest Louis Vuitton store outside Paris is located in Marseille. This is a good choice if you want to be in the heart of the city and not too far from the main shopping street.

After all, Marseille has the French national anthem, La Marseillaise, and it has a long history as the home of one of the world's most famous football teams - Marseille Football Club. The harbor is not pedestrian friendly, but it is a great place to walk through downtown and the main shopping street. Just a few kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea and a short walk from Paris, this hotel offers a beautiful view of France's second largest port city. In fact, no trip to this city would be complete without a visit to the heart of the city, which still feels like a day trip.

If you think of funky boutiques that mingle with old world shops and street markets, you'll find plenty of charm and perhaps even a few gifts on the cobbles of Marseille. Marseille does not have many cycle paths, let alone cycle paths, but the few that exist are full of pedestrians and parked cars, which makes cycling in Marseille a pretty dangerous business. There are practically no bike paths and Marseille has no bike rental, so it is worth a visit for the gift seeker. They offer local products in specially designed boxes, as well as a wide range of vintage clothing, accessories and accessories.

In 1516, King Francois stood on a small island about twenty minutes by boat from the port of Marseille and decided that this was the perfect place to build a fortress to protect it from attack. It is the first place where you can find your way around and see how the surrounding mountains and coastline have shaped the city. This is what you do when you stay in one of the hip hotels known as Mama's Shelter. Marseille's colourful creative district attracts a similar crowd to Mum's "debauched" flat.

This women's clothing boutique has become so popular that it now has a second location in Aix-Provence. The store in downtown Marseille is not the largest I have ever visited, but the selection is diverse and certainly beyond the usual standards of the brand. Shops in Marseille are closed on Sundays and closed after lunch. Some small boutiques close for lunch and then stay open all day, although many close early in the morning and late in the evening due to heavy traffic.

If you want to get lost in Marseille, you should get out of the city and behave in the most pleasant way if you want to spend the afternoon in Marseille.

These carnival cruises are designed to take care of every detail and to experience the beauty of the city, its history and culture. Marseille shares the glistening Mediterranean coast with other major French cities such as Paris, Nice, Barcelona and Barcelona. Attractions include the Grand Hotel, Saint-Germain-du-Marne and the Stade de France.

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